Results of the visit to Taiwan of the delegation of Buon Ma Thuot Medical University and Buon Ma Thuot University Hospital

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Following the successful visit of Professor Chia-Yen Dai and members of Kaohsiung Medical University Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital (KMUH) in November 2022, the delegation of Buon Ma Thuot Medical University (BMTU) and Buon Ma Thuot University Hospital (BUH) visited Taiwan from May 15 to May 20, 2023.

On the first working day, the delegation was attended by leaders including the Chairman of the Board of Directors, the Rector of Kaohsiung Medical University (KMU), the Superintendent, the Vice Superintendent of KMUH, and leaders of affiliated organizations welcome in a solemn, hospitable, sincere and warm atmosphere.

Leaders of KMU and KMUH welcomed the delegation of BMTU and BUH

At the meeting, leaders of the two sides witnessed the Signing Ceremony of a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation between KMUH and BUH on training in medical expertise and techniques for students and graduate students of BUH. At the same time, BUH and BMTU also accept KMU students to come for internships.

Signing Ceremony of the MOU on cooperation between KMUH and BUH

With 69 years of development, KMUH is a World-Class hospital with high professional qualifications, many achievements, and international publications. The hospital has a total construction area of 190,000m2, including more than 1,700 beds, receiving more than 8,000 outpatients daily. KMU is an international standard undergraduate and graduate medical school. Many doctors who graduated from KMU are now working in the US, Japan, and other advanced countries.

At the Kaoshiung Medical University

At the KMU Office of Global Affairs

It is known that BUH is planning to expand the hospital, KMUH has shared many experiences in building and developing a green and smart-oriented hospital. Thanks to the contact and arrangement of KMUH, the delegation of BMTU and BUH also visited and exchanged practical cooperation with many other famous hospitals in Taiwan such as Changhua Christian Hospital, Lee Woman’s Hospital, Taipei Medical University Hospital, and National Defense Medical Center.

The meeting between leaders of Taipei Medical Unversity Hospital and BMTU and BUH

During this mission, the BMTU and BUH delegations also visited and interacted with some advanced medical equipment manufacturing and technological research facilities in Taiwan.

With Prof. Chu Chi-Ming at the National Defense Medical Center

Comments from the members of the BUH delegation: “Everywhere we went, the people we met were wonderful, polite, warm, hospitable, and professional. Thank you to all of them. We are very grateful to KMUH for the invitation and for enabling us to have this very fruitful trip. Special thanks to the architect of this program: KMUH  International Medical Service Center director, Mr. Martin Hsiao. He was very dedicated, thoughtful and spent a lot of time and effort with the team even though he was also extremely busy. Along with that is Ms. Hui Yu Hsu, Head of the Professional Training and Education Team of KMUH International Medical Service Center, who wholeheartedly helped us since we arrived at the Kaohsiung International Airport until we boarded the flight back to Vietnam.

Thank you very much. We believe that what we have exchanged, and promised will come true. Wishing you all health, happiness, and success”.